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Research Parse Resume
Xin Zhang
WPI-BOX 2937, 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609
Phone (508)831-5857 Fax (508)797-3150 E-mail
Full-Time Research and Development in the area of XML and Database technologies.
Eight years on C and C++, five years on JAVA, and SQL, and two years on OQL, XQuery, XML, and UML.
Very familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio, Latex, ORACLE 8.1.6. Visual Café, JBuilder, Together ControlCenter
5.5, Rational Rose, Viasoft Rochade, JavaCC, JTB, IBM VisualAge Enterprise, and CVS.
1999 2003 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA
May 2003 Ph.D. in Computer Science in Research Area: XML Query Engine
May 1999 Master of Science in Computer Science in Research Area: Data Warehousing GPA: 3.8
2000 - 2001 Technical Intern Verizon Labs Waltham, MA
Conducted research and development of an XML management system based on relational technology. This
system can load XML data into relational database by a fixed loading scheme. The relation schema is
generated from XML’s DTD automatically. The performance of XML data loading can compare to the
Oracles native XSU interface. The system also updates the loaded data by a set of API functions. It supports
insert, delete, and update of any specific element identified by an XPath. Transaction model is implemented
for the XML updates. Also the incremental validation of the updates. A paper called “Clock: Synchronizing
Internal Relational Storage with External XML Documents” published on RIDE-DM2001.
Used UML to design the project’s class diagram. Used Java and JDBC to implement the main system. Used
IBM’s XML4J parser to parse the XML and DTD. Used dynamic SQL and JDBC to communicate with the
database backend. Led group meetings. Created and maintained the group development website. Installed
Oracle server on Linux box.
1999 - 2000 Technical Intern GTE Labs Waltham, MA
Conducted research and development of a data integration system in the context of metadata repositories. The
integration is based on the DTD. First, system stores the DTD into the relational database as metadata tables.
Then, based on the metadata tables and different workload, created relational schema is created. Designed
metadata tables to support flexible loading. A paper called “Integrating XML Data with Relational Databases”
is published in ICDCS 2000.
Collaborated with two other senior technical stuffs. Oracle’s data dictionary tables are used.
1998 1999 Technical Intern GTE Labs Waltham, MA
Developed a system based on Rochade to support software component management. It includes web server
html static pages design, dynamic CGI scripts design, Rochade client and cache management, and Rochade
server modules design. The component management system can catalog the upload software modules written
in C/C++/JAVA/RPL, can search modules by keywords, and can download selected packages.
Rochade and Rochade Web Toolkit are used. CGI scripts are used. Rochade information model are designed.
Presentations and documentations are developed for this project. Rochade programming languages (like Dbase
programming language) is used. TCP/IP and client/server techniques are used. Used RationalRose to design
the class diagram, use cases, and activity diagrams.
2000 - 2002 Research Assistant Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA
Conducted research and development of a system to support multiple XML loading and extraction strategies
by XQueries, algebra based XQuery processing with order awareness, and update propagation. System can
take XQuery parsed into XML algebra tree, optimize it and execute it. XML updates are specified by XQuery
and propagated through the system. Designed system architecture. Proposed a new XML algebra and designed
XML algebra rewriting rules. Extent Kweelt’s XQuery parser to support XML updates.
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