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Research Plan Timeline Template
Research Plan Timeline Template
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Outline Research Plan Defence at DERDW
Research Plan Outline
Doctoral students compile a research plan outlining the goals, type of work and the responsibilities they
have. The research plan is submitted within the first year after registration. It must contain the following
research tasks
external determining factors, content-oriented framework, time-frame
scope of research work
other responsibilities
The research plan is presented to the supervisor and then must be defended to an examination board
(Research Plan Defense). Final approval is by the doctoral committee of the department.
The chapters listed below give a guideline but are non-binding. Their buildup and subchapters depend on
the content of your research. Entire length of Research Plan without appendix should be approximately 10
pages (no spiral binding). The research plan has to be signed by each member of the examination
board and the doctoral candidate.
1 Introduction
Give background and motivation for your work. Explain basic knowledge needed. Show its scientific or
economic need.
2 PhD thesis
Explain the main question you want to answer. Connect it with current state of research and show its im-
portance in this context.
3 Goals
Show what you want to achieve. Explain your contribution to the subject.
4 Methodology
Specify methodology and techniques which will be used for your research: field work, laboratory work,
modeling technique, interdisciplinary collaboration, etc.
5 Work performed
Summarize the work done since the start of the PhD. Show interim results.
6 Research time plan
Give a detailed time plan. Show which work has to be done and when it will be completed. Include other
responsibilities or obligations.
7 Publication & conference presentation expected
Give an overview of subjects or steps of your work you intend to publish. Suggest some meetings or con-
ferences you plan to attend in order to present your research.
8 Infrastructure or Software
Make a list of facilities or infrastructure, including software you will need to complete your research. Ex-
plain how it is or will be made available.
9 Reference & Literature
List papers and other publications you have already cited in this Research Plan or which you have collect-
ed for further reading.
10 Appendix
Add pictures, tables or other elements which are in direct connection with any of the previous chapters.
approved by Departementskonferenz of March 9, 2010
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Research Plan Timeline Template