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Research Proposal Template
1.1 Purpose of the study
The purpose of this research is to . . . . .
1.2 Context of the study
Describe the background to the research, remembering that examiners and other
readers may not know much about your industry or even your country, and need a
good idea of the context in which you will be conducting your study. Remember to
REFERENCE all the statements that you make (according to the format described
in the course pack and the proposal example given). Remember to include recent
references, especially when describing the current situation / context for your
Also take note of when the articles you reference were published relative to one
another, ie which ones were written first, which ones are more recent. More recent
authors may have similar findings to older ones, but not the other way around.
Include a description of the business or management problem or gap in
knowledge or practice that you intend to address in your research.
1.3 Problem statement
Main problem
Have a verb at or near the beginning of your statement, and make it a statement,
not a question. Break your statement up into logical sections to create your sub-
problems. The research problem statement is a statement of how you will
address the business problem. The business problem is NOT the same as the
research problem. Make sure you include relevant, searchable key words.
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Research Proposal Template