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Your sub-problems combined should = your problem, and should also have a verb
at or near the beginning. Do not add any new concepts or ideas in your sub-
problems. Include relevant, searchable key words to use for your literature review.
It is not always necessary to have sub-problems it may not be possible to break
your problem into smaller parts.
Refer to “how to write a problem statement” in your course pack
The first sub-problem is ….
The second sub-problem is ….
1.4 Significance of the study
The study fills a gap in that . . .
Describe and explain the gap in the theory that might be filled by your study,
because of its focus, method, or other reason. Justify your reasoning and
REFERENCE your sources.
The study will provide guidance to …
Describe the aspects of management or business practice that the study is
intended to be of value to. Describe who may benefit from the study and how it is
hoped they will benefit.
1.5 Delimitations of the study
Delimitations are used to narrow the scope of the study. State what will be
included and what will be excluded, eg your research topic may focus on a
specific market sector, organisation type, level of employees in an organisation,
methodology, etc. The sample that you plan to use may be drawn from a specific
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