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Research Study Timeline Template
Research Study Timeline Template
There is no one right way to apply for the Fulbright. You may very well be able to complete the
application successfully in less time than suggested here. This sample timeline is simply meant to give
you an idea of what is involved in the application and a general sense of when to get started and how to
move along in the process so as to avoid the inevitable stress of an impending deadline.
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For Research/Study proposals:
Winter Quarter
Begin thinking of where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do
Thoroughly read through the Fulbright website, including country descriptions for those
countries you’re interested in
Plan Spring & Summer quarter coursework, and courses for the following academic year,
that will fill in any language or other gaps in your preparation for this experience
Attend Fulbright information sessions
Meet with campus FPAs to discuss your plans and ideas
Attend Fulbright writing workshops
Attend Fulbright Alumni brown-bag lunch conversations, or connect with Fulbright Alumni
in some other way
Brainstorm project ideas and potential affiliations and discuss with faculty/mentors
Consider whether the Critical Language Enhancement Award is appropriate for you
Online application form becomes available May 1
Make contacts with potential affiliations
Begin drafting personal statement & project proposal
Continue working on the online application. Seek feedback on the resume portions and
CLEA essay (if applicable).
Request letters of recommendation
Request language evaluation(s)
Order transcript(s)
Firm up affiliation(s) and request letter.
Continue drafting personal statement & project proposal (and CLEA). Seek feedback from
FPAs, faculty, mentors, others.
Finalize language evaluation(s)
Finalize online application, but do not submit
Receive affiliation letter(s)
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Research Study Timeline Template