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Research Style Mla Cover Sheet Template Page 4
Research Style Mla Cover Sheet Template
Dr. Mack Gipson, Jr., Tutorial and Enrichment Center, Paine College, Augusta, GA Prepared by Carole D. Overton, Director page 3
Using the MLA Style Handbook 6
Edition rev. 6/19/08 web
1. Use standard paper (8½ X 11). Do not use erasable or onionskin paper. Do not tape, glue,
or staple anything to any of the pages.
2. All pages should be double-spaced. Double-space between all lines of your paper.
3. All margins (top, bottom, right, and left) should be 1" . (NOTE: You will need to set your
top margin at .5" in order to have room for your heading and page number.)
4. Do not use full justification. That is, do not try to make every line the same length.
Instead, use left justification to leave the right margin uneven. Do not hyphenate at the
end of a line.
1. Use a font that will give your paper a professional look. (Times Roman is a good choice.)
2. Use font size 12 only. (If you are using a standard typewriter instead of a computer or word
processor, you may use either pica or elite type.)
1. You will number your pages by creating a header that will appear on every page. The
header will contain your last name and the page number. Your header should appear in
the top right corner of every page, ½" from the top of the page, with the page number to the
right of your last name. Use only the number itself; do not use page or p. (If you use a
computer, you can create a “header” to automatically number each page and type the header
in the appropriate place on each page.)
2. Number every page, starting with the first page of the body of your paper.
1. Indent the first line of every paragraph ½ inch (5 spaces if you are using a typewriter).
2. There are a few exceptions, which will be covered in other sections of this packet.
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Research Style Mla Cover Sheet Template