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Residential Lease Agreement 1
4. Care of Living Unit: Tenant shall not paint or make
any alterations to the property without written permission
from the Landlord. Tenant agrees to maintain the apartment
in a clean, reasonable, and habitable way.
5. Parking: If parking is available on the property, the Tenant may park their licensed
vehicles in the ____ parking spaces provided at the following location:
Guests of the Tenant should park at: ____________________________________
6. Uses: The apartment is leased for residential use only. Tenant shall not operate any
business on the premises. Tenant agrees not to use the apartment for any illegal purposes
or lease will be terminated.
7. Repairs: Tenant shall give Landlord prompt notice of needed repairs to the apartment.
8. Objectionable Tenancies: Under this lease, the tenant or their guests shall not use the
premises in such a way as to disturb the quiet enjoyment and peace of any other Tenant or
nearby resident. Indications of objectionable tenancy are included in the list below:
a. Tenant or occupant has given false/incorrect information on the rental application.
b. Landlord may terminate tenancy for two late payments within a four month
c. More than three complaints in a one-month period concerning activities of
Tenants or guests.
d. Tenant failure to allow Landlord to gain access to the property.
e. Tenant failure to take trash out for pick-up more than two times in a one-month
f. Storage of unlicensed vehicles without a permit and Landlord permission.
g. Failure to notify the Landlord of additional occupants within thirty days of their
h. If tenant’s behavior results in six or more public nuisance points and the problem
is not cured, Landlord may terminate the lease. (Applicable to City of Rochester)
i. If Tenant fails to comply with the terms of this lease, Landlord will give written
notice of default stating the type of violation(s) and ten days for curing (fixing)
the violation(s). If Tenant does not cure the violation in the time stated or repeats
the objectionable behavior, the Landlord may terminate the lease with no less than
ten days notice. The Lease will end on the date given in our notice to you. On or
before that date you must leave the Apartment and give use the keys or we will
bring legal action against you.
j. Additional Objectionable Tenancies: ___________________________________
9. Termination of Tenancy: You will be in default under this lease if you do any of the
a. You fail to pay rent or additional rent on time more than two (2) times in a four
(4) month period;
THC Lease July 2009
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