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Residential Lease Agreement 1
b. You have an unauthorized pet in the apartment;
c. Allow any of the preceding objectionable behaviors to occur.
d. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this lease, the Landlord may terminate
this lease upon thirty days written notice to Tenant
that the Premise has been sold.
e. Both the Tenant and Landlord may mutually
consent to the termination of the lease.
10. Notice to Vacate at End of Lease Term: You must give us at least one (1) month
written notice of your intention to vacate the Apartment at the end of the term. Notices
you give us under this section are not effective until the first day of the following month.
For example, if you give us notice on April 21, your notice is not effective until May 1.
In this example, you would give notice before May 1 in order to advise that you will
leave by the end of May.
11. End of Lease Term: You shall vacate the apartment at the end of the term of the lease.
You must remove all items of personal property and leave the apartment in good and
clean order, except for ordinary wear and tear. Failure to leave the Apartment in good
and clean order may result in our retaining part or all of your security deposit and
assessing charges for damages in excess of the security deposit amount. Any personal
property you leave behind after you vacate the Apartment shall become our property after
30 days and we may dispose of that property at your cost.
13. Enforcement of the Lease: The acceptance of rent or failure to enforce any term in this
lease is not a waiver of any of the Landlord’s rights. If a term in this lease is illegal, the
rest of the lease remains in full force.
14. Survivorship of Lease: The terms of this lease remain in full force as long as the Tenant
resides in the premises even after expiration of the current lease or until a new lease is
signed by the Landlord and Tenant.
15. Legal Expenses: You will reimburse us for all our court costs and reasonable attorneys’
fees we incur as a result of any legal action we bring against you for any reason
(including an action for eviction or an action for your failure to comply with your
obligations under this Lease). Such costs and fees will be considered additional rent.
16. Attachments: The following Attachment(s), when signed by Landlord and Tenant, shall
become a part of this lease with the full force and effect of the fully executed lease.
Attachment 1: Landlord shall disclose any knowledge about the presence of lead-
based paint and lead-based paint hazards in the apartment and building.
Attachment 2: A Move-In/Move-Out Inspection Form is included with this lease to
document the condition of the apartment at the beginning and end of tenancy.
Tenant Landlord
THC Lease July 2009
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