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indefinite, either party may terminate the tenancy by giving at least 20 days' written
notice of termination before the next rent is due. For example, notice of termination
must be given not later than the 10th day of a 30-day month, and not later than the 11th
day of a 31-day month, to terminate the agreement at the end of that month. Termination
of the tenancy will not be effective unless sufficient notice has been given as provided
c. Lessor's inability to deliver possession on beginning date. If the lessor,
despite reasonable diligence, cannot deliver possession of the property to the lessee on
the commencement date of this agreement because of a prior tenant's failure or refusal to
move out in time to prepare the property for occupancy, or because of damage or
destruction which makes the property impracticable for occupancy, the landlord shall not
be liable for lessee's inconvenience, cost, expense, consequential damages, or cost of
substitute tenancy or temporary housing. The lessee may elect to rescind this agreement
and receive full refund of any security deposit or prepaid rent, and such election is the
lessee's exclusive remedy. The lessee shall communicate such election to the lessor not
later than the third day after the commencement date of this agreement, or else the lessee
shall have waived any objection to the lessor's failure to deliver possession on time.
If lessee accepts possession late, the rent obligation will be abated on a pro-rata basis.
4. Rent. Lessee agrees to pay rent to lessor in the amount of $ on
the first day of each month in advance for that month's occupancy. The place of payment
will be the lessor's address identified in paragraph 1.2 above, unless the lessor
specifies otherwise in a written notice to the lessee. Late payment charge: There is no
"grace period" in this agreement. If payment is late, lessee shall pay $5.00 for each day
after the first of the month until the payment is made. The late payment charge shall not
be deemed a policy by lessor of acquiescing in late payments. The late payment charge
shall be deemed an item of additional rent and part of the rent due for the premises. If
any rent payment check is dishonored by the drawee bank, the lessee, in addition to paying
late payment charges until the payment is made, shall pay all further rent payments by
cashier's check or money order. In addition, the lessee shall pay to lessor the amount of
$30.00 for any check which is dishonored or returned unpaid by the drawee institution for
any reason.
5. Utilities. Lessee shall pay for garbage removal, electric power and heat, heating
oil, water service, sewer service, natural gas power and heat, and telephone service
supplied to the property, except the following utilities which will be paid by lessor (if
any): . If the property is a single-family detached
dwelling, the lessee will provide his own trash and garbage containers. The lessee shall
have a duty to furnish to lessor, at lessor's request from time to time, proof of lessee's
payment of the utilities which are lessee's responsibility under this paragraph.
6. No subletting. Lessee agrees not to sublet or assign this agreement or any part of
this agreement without the prior written consent of the lessor. The lessor is not under
a duty to agree to a subletting or an assignment, and may withhold consent for any reason
or no reason.
7. Lessee's duties
. Lessee shall:
a. Pay rent when due;
b. Pay when due all utility charges which are the lessee's responsibility under
paragraph 5 above;
c. Maintain the property in a clean and sanitary condition;
d. Properly use and operate electrical, gas, heating, plumbing and other
appliances and utility fixtures in the property;
e. Properly dispose of garbage, rubbish, and waste, in a clean and sanitary
manner at reasonable and regular intervals and pay for extermination or fumigation against
pests (such as infestations of rodents, insects, or other animals) which are due to
lessee's acts, neglects, errors, or omissions. If the property is a single-family
residence, the lessor shall not be required to control infestation during the tenancy. If
the property is a single family residence, lessee shall furnish containers for the removal
of garbage, rubbish, and waste. Lessee shall properly dispose of toxic and hazardous
substances such as gasoline, fuels, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, petrochemicals,
batteries, acids, paints and similar substances and not release or leave any such
substances on the property or in nearby properties or drainage or sewer systems;
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