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f. Not intentionally or negligently cause damage to, deface, destroy, impair, or
remove any part of the property or any appliances or fixtures on the property. The
lessee's duty to refrain from damaging the property includes the duty to repair any such
damage promptly, including but not limited to the repair of damage to glass and screens,
and not to wait until the tenancy terminates. The lessee is also responsible under this
paragraph for damage to the property caused by lessee's guests;
g. Not cause nuisance, waste, destruction, or deterioration of the property;
h. Not engage in or allow illegal drug activity on the property;
i. Maintain all smoke alarms on the property. The lessee shall assure that the
smoke alarms are always functioning and supplied with fresh batteries. The lessee has a
duty to furnish proof to the lessor that the smoke alarms are functioning, upon request by
lessor from time to time;
j. Not engage in any activity that is imminently hazardous to the physical safety
of other persons on the property or in neighboring property. This duty to refrain from
hazardous activity includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the duty to refrain from
physical assaults and unlawful use of firearms or other deadly weapons;
k. Upon termination of the tenancy, restore the premises to their initial
condition except for reasonable wear and tear;
l. Conform to rules of conduct promulgated by the lessor as authorized by the
Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 1973 as amended;
m. Refrain from playing music or causing or permitting other sounds or activities
which disturb other tenants in neighboring or nearby properties.
n. Renter's Insurance. The lessee shall procure and keep in force a policy of
renter's insurance insuring the lessee, and the lessor as an additional insured, against
loss from damage to lessee's property and the property of lessee's family, guests, and
invitees, including but not limited to loss from fire, theft, burglary, mysterious
disappearance, smoke, firefighting measures, or electrical damage, damage from water
leaking or escaping from pipes, drainage systems, roofs, or gutters, damage from water by
flooding, damage or loss from hail or windstorm, damage or loss from freezing, and
liability for personal injury to the lessee, lessee's family, and lessee's guests and
invitees where such personal injury is attributable to the acts, neglects, errors, or
omissions of lessee. Lessee shall furnish to lessor from time to time proof of such
insurance upon lessor's request.
o. Care of yard and building. If the property is a single family detached
residence, or a duplex in which the lessee has exclusive use of a yard, the lessee shall
maintain the yard and grounds, including removal of snow and ice from sidewalks and
driveways, removal of debris, watering, weed control, pest control, clipping, mowing, and
pruning of trees, grass, plants, and shrubs so as to keep the yard in an attractive and
healthy condition. Lessee shall furnish the tools, hoses, mowers, equipment, and
supplies for this purpose. Lessee shall keep the sidewalks free of obstructions and
hazards. Lessee shall keep the roof clean and the gutters and downspouts clear. Lessee
shall take precautions to prevent water and waste pipes from freezing or clogging. The
lessee shall discharge the duties of this paragraph at lessee's expense. Lessee will
assume the cost of damages arising from failure to carry out the duties in this paragraph.
p. Return keys. At the termination of tenancy, lessee shall return all keys to
the lessor. Lessee shall be deemed to remain in possession of the property until the
keys are returned to lessor, unless the lessee has abandoned the property;
q. Use of the property
. Lessee will use the property only as a personal
residence and not for any business purpose or illegal purpose. Lessee will not use or
permit the use of the property in contravention of any state, county, or municipal
statutes, regulations, or ordinances.
r. Report problems
. Lessee shall notify lessor of all damages and defects known
to or discovered by lessee, whether occurring before or during the lessee's tenancy.
Such notification by lessee does not necessarily obligate the lessor to repair the damage
or defect; the notification is for the lessor's information only. Lessor's obligation
to repair is as stated in the Washington Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 1973, as
amended, and nothing in this agreement shall be construed to enlarge the lessor's duty of
repair or maintenance.
s. No water beds or aquariums. Lessee shall not use or keep any water bed or
aquarium on or in the property (unless stored only, completely drained)
8. No changing locks
. Unless the lessee has first obtained the lessor's written
permission, the lessee shall not change or re-key the locks to any doors on the property.
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