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Residential Rental Agreement Templates
Residential Rental Agreement Templates
0800 TENANCY (836 262)
MB13541 (T4) 06/16
This tenancy agreement has been approved for use by The Ofce of the Tenancy Tribunal.
Residential Tenancy
1. This is a legally binding contract.
2. All tenancy agreements must be in writing. A separate
form of tenancy agreement for use for a Boarding House
Tenancy is available on our website.
3. The landlord must provide the tenant with a copy of this
agreement prior to the commencement of the tenancy. If
the property is a Unit Titles property, a copy of the most
recent Body Corporate rules must be aached to this
4. This agreement must be completed in full and the tenant
and landlord each keep a copy.
5. The rights and obligations set out in the Residential
Tenancies Act 1986 are implied in every residential
tenancy agreement (see the back of this agreement
for a brief outline of some of the key provisions of the
Residential Tenancies Act 1986).
6. No terms or conditions added to this agreement are valid
if they are contrary to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
7. Landlords are now required to sign a statement
disclosing details of any insulation in the property.
8. All rental properties must meet the requirements in
regulations regarding insulation and smoke alarms.
9. Before signing this agreement all parties should carefully
read it and seek information from Tenancy Services if
they are unclear about what they are agreeing to.
10. The parties must record their full names correctly.
11. If a bond is paid, a Bond Lodgement Form must also
be completed.
12. Bonds must be lodged with Tenancy Services within
23 working days of being paid. This can be done online.
13. Parties to tenancy agreements are subject to the
provisions of the Privacy Act 1993. Any information
provided on this agreement shall not be used or disclosed,
without consent, for any purpose other than the
administration of the tenancy or to pursue legal action.
14. The tenant may be required to pay any leing fee or
other charge for services provided by any solicitor or
leing agent relating to the granting of the tenancy.
15. If there is a problem between the tenant and landlord,
and they can’t agree, Tenancy Services can help sort
it out. Visit or call us for free
information on 0800 836 262.
This section must be filled in. It is important to give good contact details.
Physical address for service
This email address may be used as an address for service (strike out if not agreed)
(Mobile) (Hm) (Wk)
Other contact address(es)
Additional address for service (This may be a PO Box)
If the landlord wishes to include the details of an agent in the agreement, please include the agent’s contact details
on a separate sheet.
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Residential Rental Agreement Templates