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Resume Checklist Template
Resume Checklist Template
Resume Templates
The following templates will provide you with some basic frameworks in which to structure your
own resume. There is no “right” way to create a resume as long as you are showcasing your
individual background in a way that will be relevant to the reader. As you look at the templates,
please keep in mind that samples are meant to help you get started, and are not the only way to
structure your resume.
Organizing Your Resume
Categories can help organize your resume into sections which make it easy for the reader to find
relevant information. Using different categories can help present the most relevant information
first. For example, you can use a “Relevant Experience” section rather than “Work Experience”
if you want to highlight various experiences that come from a combination of work,
extracurricular activities, and volunteer experience. Use the Resume Checklist for further
guidelines for organizing your resume.
Common Resume Sections
Contact Information
Name, Local Address, Phone, Email
Most recent degree first- include only higher education
Experience Sections
(may have more than
Experience, Relevant Experience, Work Experience, Employment
History, Professional Experience, Internship Experience, Additional
Experience, Volunteer, Community Involvement, Leadership,
Activities, Campus Involvement
Skills Sections
(optional- may have
more than one)
Skills, Technical Skills, Language Skills, Computer Skills,
Certifications, Training
Sections (optional- may
have more than one)
Research, Coursework, Lab Techniques, Presentations, Publications,
Professional Development
Resume Checklist
Did I remove all of the Sample Resume’s bullet points, dates, categories, and formatting that were
not consistent with my own resume style and background
Did I select categories that present my background to meet the reader’s needs
Is my resume consistently formatted Experiences and dates are consistently aligned; use of font,
size, style (caps, bold, italics, underlining), and other formatting are consistent throughout.
Is my font between 10.5-12pt, and easy to read Typical fonts may include Times New Roman,
Arial, Tahoma, Garamond.
Are my margins between .5” and 1” to leave enough white space and frame the page
Is my resume on one page If not, is all of the information included 100% relevant to the reader
Does my information appear in reverse chronological order within each section (most recent first)
Do I have bullet points for my relevant experiences
Is my contact information up-to-date and professional
Is all of the information on my resume accurate and current (ex. GPA, end dates for positions)
Does my objective or summary add value to the rest of the resume (if you included one)
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Resume Checklist Template