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Resume For Chemical Engineer
Post Graduation Project: Alkane Aromatization Process Modelling under the guidance of Prof.
A.S.Moharir, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay (Jan’08- present)
BTX hydrocarbons (Benzene, Toluene and Xylenes) are mainly obtained by catalytic reforming of
Naphthas and Naphtha feedstock represents about 80% of the production cost of BTX. Therefore it is
necessary to substitute a less expensive material for Naphtha
Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) which is produced in excess and has high transportation costs can be
used as an alternative feed for the production of aromatics. Cyclar process which is developed
recently by UOP and BP uses a Gallium loaded zeolite catalyst for converting LPG into aromatic
The main achievements of this project are,
Proposed a mechanism for the aromatization of alkanes on HZSM-5 and GaHZSM-5 catalysts
Developed a simulation model for the aromatization of both Propane and n-Butane over GaHZSM-5
Performed simulations and obtain concentration profiles of various components along the PFR
Extended the model to an Adiabatic plug flow reactor and Obtained the temperature profile along the
PFR which will optimize the selectivity of the aromatics
Determine the reactor configuration which gives better yield of aromatics
Graduation Project: Process Development Studies on Biodiesels
Biodiesels consists of short chain alkyl esters which are produced from renewable resources like
animal fats and plant seeds. Biodiesels are not only eco-friendly but also biodegradable and non-toxic
Biodiesels are produced by transesterification reaction in which vegetable oil is chemically reacted
with an alcohol (mainly methanol) in presence of catalyst like KOH and NaOH.
The main achievements of this project are,
Developed a process to produce Biodiesel in the lab
Experimentally produced biodiesels using Jatropha, Niger and Mustard oils.
Determined the effect catalyst concentrations and mole ratio of oil to methonal on the yield of
Evaluated the physical properties of obtained Biodiesel samples
Got 2
prize for presenting a paper on ‘The Growing Importance of Biodiesels’ in Ripples (2005)
National level students’ symposium at AUCE.
Seminar: “Polymer Synthesis in Ionic Liquids
Details: Carried out literature survey on the topic and determined the various advantages of conducting
polymerization in Ionic liquids
Course project: “Design of Petluyk Distillation Column”
Designed a Petluyk Distillation Column for separating Toluene, Benzene and Xylene using Aspen
Designed the Direct Sequence of two Distillation columns using Aspen Plus
Compared the energy efficiency of Petluyk distillation columns and direct sequence
Course project “CFD Modelling of a Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed”
Simulations were performed for water fluidization of glass spheres using Fluent software.
The effect of mesh size, time step and convergence criteria on the hydrodynamics of the fluidized
Beds are investigated.
Attended a 5 day program on “Tomography and Velocity Imaging in Multiphase Reactors”, at IIT Delhi
Programming Languages : C
Key Courses: Process plant Simulation, Advanced process synthesis, Advanced process
optimization, Computational flow modelling etc.
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Resume For Chemical Engineer