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Return On Investment Calculator Excel Template Page 2
Return On Investment Calculator Excel Template
The Fulham ROI Calculator in Sheet 1 of this Workbook is designed to provide basic LED savings calculations.
All the light yellow fields are unprotected cells intended for users to input data.
purposes to differentiate this worksheet from others. Leaving fields blank will not affect the analysis.
be the same, unless fewer LED fixtures are anticipated to be needed in order to replace the existing systems.
Cell F11 should never exceed cell E11.
and the details of the LED system you are doing the analysis of in the right column.
250W LED, or you can use the "system wattages," if you know them. "System wattages" are always slightly
higher because it takes extra energy (some of which is lost to heat) to power lamps/modules of stated wattages. Typically,
LED is a more efficient system, meaning that a smaller percentage of energy is lost to heat than alternatives.
hours are 50,000, for instance, while most alternatives to LED are considerably lower.
and contribute heavily to the financial benefits of LED over other alternatives. Since LED lasts many
multiples of alternatives, this cost is cut down drastically.
turn the modules off for a certain percentage of the day compared with how you are using your existing systems now,
please enter that incremental percentage of time off into this field on the right. Oftentimes, traditional alternatives
with very long re-strike are left on 24/7, but switching to LED technology means that modules can be turned off to save
energy and extend system life.
hours for LED will be adjusted based on the OCCUPANCY RATE as per 8 above.
sell price and disposal of the prior fixture sell price. These must be end-user prices, rather than costs.
Limited Warranty.
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Return On Investment Calculator Excel Template