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House Rental Agreement
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Room Rental Agreement 2
Conict Resolution
Each housemate will strive to develop mutual cooperation with all other housemates. Should disagreements
arise, each shall try to resolve the dispute in good faith using clear communication. If disputes continue
thereafter, the housemates agree to the following methods of conict resolution:
Decision by household consensus Decision by Principal Tenant
Binding mediation by impartial third party Decision by Owner
Decision by household majority vote
As required by law, the landlord may enter the tenant's room only for the following reasons: (a) in case of
emergency; (b) to make necessary or agreed-upon repairs, decorations, or improvements, supply
necessary or agreed-upon services, or exhibit the dwelling unit to prospective or actual purchasers,
mortgagees, tenants, workers, or contractors; (c) when the tenant has abandoned or surrendered the
premises; or (d) pursuant to court order. The landlord must give the tenant WRITTEN twenty-four (24)
hours notice of intent to enter and may enter only during normal business hours, excepting by necessity,
cases (a) and (c) above.
Last month's rent: paid on amount $
Security deposit: paid on amount $
Other refundable deposit (e.g., telephone or utility deposit for payment of bills after tenant moves out)
in the amount of $ was paid on .
This “other” deposit is refundable within days after tenant
vacates the premises. If any portion of it is deducted, an accounting and verication
of the reasonableness of the deduction will be provided.
The security deposit may be used for the purpose of repairing damage for which the tenant is responsible
(beyond normal wear and tear), cleaning, or paying unpaid rent or utilities. The landlord and the tenant shall
conduct a pre-move out inspection of the rental BEFORE the tenant moves out at which time the landlord
shall inform the tenant of needed repairs and/or cleaning in WRITING. The tenant shall have the right to
make any repairs identied at the pre-move out inspection at his or her expense before the move out date with-
out deduction from the security deposit. Within 21 days after the tenant moves out, the landlord shall return
the deposit to the tenant with accrued interest less any deductions, if any, the landlord is entitled to under this
agreement. If any deductions are made, the landlord shall provide the tenant with a written itemized statement
of expenses and receipts for cleaning or repairs for which deductions were made from the deposit.
This residence being in the County of Santa Cruz (with the exception of Scotts Valley), simple interest will be
paid on the security deposit and/or last month's rent to the tenant, pursuant to current local ordinance.
House Rental Agreement
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House Rental Agreement