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Home Rental Agreement
Room Rental Agreement 3
This is a legally binding agreement. It is intended to promote household harmony by clarifying the expectations
and responsibilities of the homeowner (Landlord) and tenant when they share the same home. The Landlord
shall provide a copy of this executed document to the tenant, as required by law.
Rental Unit Located at:
6409 Hardwick Corpus Christi Tx 78412 _____________________________________
Owner Tenants
Brittany A. Fowler _________________ ___________________________________
(Name) (Name)
Length of Agreement: Month-to-Month
Either party may cancel or change terms of this agreement upon thirty (30) days WRITTEN notice. The written
notice period may be lengthened or shortened by WRITTEN agreement.
$ 500.00, is payable monthly on the ________ day of the month, to Brittany A. Fowler .
Rent does include utilities. (Electricity, Water/Garbage, Cable/Internet)
Household Rules
Common Areas- Everyone is to clean up after themselves or any guests in common areas.
Personal rooms- Should be clean and carpet vacuumed out at least once a month, no food or food
wrappers/trash is to be kept in rooms at all.
Bathrooms- Should be cleaned out after each use and when needed.
Kitchen- Should be cleaned after cooking. All dishes and cookware should be cleaned after used and left to dry,
then to be put up in proper area.
Dishwasher- If used, dishes should be rinsed off before putting in and when full needs to be turned on. When
dishes are dry they need to be put back up.
Cleaning Supplies- Purchased by tenant. (Bathroom cleaning supplies, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent)
No more then 3 guests at a time, unless discussed and accepted by Landlord. Only 1 guest can stay the night and
for no longer then 1 day, unless discussed and accepted by Landlord. An extra $150 will be added to Rent for a
Guest that stays (sleeps, showers, eats, uses utilities) with Tenant for more than a week, with permission from
Cigarettes or any other type of Smoking Is not permitted at all in the house. If smoking outside, all cigarette
butts need to be properly disposed of in a trashcan.
Alcohol Use-
Alcohol may only be consumed by those the age of 21 and older, and only in a responsible manner.
Home Rental Agreement
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Home Rental Agreement