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Root Cause Analysis Template 1
Root Cause Analysis Template
This section highlights the purpose and importance of the root cause analysis (RCA). It provides
a discussion of the approach taken to identify and document the root cause of a particular
problem and the follow-up actions necessary to properly address the root cause. It also
highlights what root causes should/should not consist of.
The purpose of this root cause analysis (RCA) is to determine the causes that contributed to the
recent fiber optic cable project’s material failure in the research lab. From this RCA we will
determine exactly what happened during the failure event, how it happened, and why it
happened. In order to accomplish this, a formal investigation will take place among an
investigative team assigned by the Vice President of Technology. Once the team identified what,
how, and why this event occurred, a list of root causes will be developed. This list of root causes
will then be used to implement any changes necessary in order to prevent another similar failure.
It is important to note that for the purpose of this RCA, root causes should be:
- As specific as possible
- Reasonably identifiable
- Able to be managed/controlled
Careful consideration must be given to all findings related to this RCA as these findings, as well
as their corrective measures, will impact the TruWave project. Formal communication with the
TruWave project team must be conducted throughout and upon completion of this RCA.
This section provides a description of the event that is being analyzed. It provides a clear and
concise description of the problem that triggered this Root Cause Analysis. It should state the
date, time, detailed description of the event/problem, who detected the problem, who it affected,
and how it affected them. It is important that the descriptions are as detailed as possible since
this problem is the source of the entire RCA.
On Friday morning, June 1, 20xx at 9:18am a failure occurred on cable line #2 during the trial
run of our new fiber optic cable product, TruWave. The line technician on duty, Joe Smith,
noticed that the polyethylene cable jacketing was deformed as it exited the extrusion device.
Instead of a uniform distribution of the jacketing material, the jacketing material was thicker in
some areas and thinner in others. The technician also noted that there were significant tears in
the material and other areas with no jacketing leaving the cable core exposed. Mr. Smith
immediately shut the cabling line down, preserved all of the data in the cabling line computer,
and notified his supervisor, Janet Brown, per company procedure.
This event affects the entire TruWave project team and stakeholders as it may require changes in
the scope, cost, and/or schedule of the project. This investigation may result in the need to make
design changes, process changes, or other modifications that may delay project completion and
product release currently scheduled for October 1, 20xx and January 1, 2010 respectively. As
previously stated, all findings and corrective actions must be formally communicated with the
project team.
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Root Cause Analysis Template 1