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Root Cause Analysis Template 1
Root Cause Analysis Template
This section should describe how the investigative team is assembled, who it consists of, and
how it gathers the data to be used in the analysis. As with any process, it is important in the RCA
that clear roles and methodologies be established in order to allow for the process to move in a
controlled and deliberate manner. This is also an important part of the RCA because a majority
of time spent in RCA is gathering data about the event/problem.
The investigative team for this RCA has been selected by the Vice President of Technology who
oversees all research and development projects. The following individuals comprise the team:
Marcy Black – Lead Material Engineer and RCA Team Lead
John White – Lead Process Engineer
David Green – Lead Design Engineer
Jane Brown – Quality Assurance Engineer
For this RCA the investigative team will use interviews with employees involved in the event.
The team will also download and analyze the process data from the cabling line #2 computer that
was preserved immediately following the event. The team will utilize other tools and techniques
at its discretion based on the complexity of the data and event (e.g. Ishikawa diagram).
Once the findings and root cause(s) are determined and the corrective actions are identified, this
analysis will be communicated to the TruWave project team. The purpose of this is to allow the
project team to implement corrective actions, make appropriate changes to the project plan and
schedule as well as other project documentation, and communicate these changes to the
appropriate stakeholders. This will also serve as a lessons-learned and be archived for reference
on future cable development projects so this root cause does not occur again.
This section should describe the findings of the investigation and explain the root cause(s) based
on these findings. It is possible that a RCA results in findings that are not directly related to the
root cause of the problem. These should also be captured as product/process improvement steps
in an effort to improve the product/project. It is important to note that this section does not
describe the corrective actions to be taken as a result of identifying root cause. Corrective action
will be discussed separately in the next paragraph. All findings must be formally communicated
with the project team in order to ensure any project changes can be made in accordance with the
project’s change management process.
Based on the investigation conducted for the TruWave cable failure event on June 1
20xx, the
team has determined several findings regarding this event:
1) The temperature of the extrusion device was found to be too low at 400 degrees F instead
of the approved 525 degrees F.
2) The low extrusion temperature did not melt the polyethylene properly to ensure uniform
distribution along the cable length.
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Root Cause Analysis Template 1