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Safety & Security Newsletter
Safety & Security Newsletter
Safety & Security Newsletter
March 2016
The safety and security of
any community is an
obligation shared by
those who are formally
tasked to do so and the
community members
they serve.
Office of Safety and Security
Office of Safety and
University Police
Environmental Health
and Safety
Office of Safety and Security
Morrill Hall 208, Box 2201
(605) 688-5260
Don Challis
Assistant Vice President for
Safety and Security
Office of Safety and Security
Welcome to spring time in South Dakota. I can say with some degree of
confidence that winter may be behind us and spring is here. With the
advent of warm weather, I encourage you to get outside as often as you
can. Whether you are biking, hiking walking, fishing or other type of
recreation please be aware of your surroundings. Condition can change
quickly and accident can happen at any-time. The US Forest Service has
information on outdoor safety on their website.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. SDSU and other universities
strive to provide a violence free environment. The Clery Act, Title IX
and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) are federal regulations
that guide university policies and procedures related to sexual
harassment. Title IX considers sexual assault and extreme form of sexual
harassment. Information and resources are available in the SDSU Annual
Security Report and on the Title IX and Equal Opportunity website.
Threat assessment and management continues to be front and center for
higher education. I encourage you to review the information provided on
the Violence Prevention and Education website regarding the SDSU
Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT). This site provides information on
the BIT, identification of threatening and concerning behaviors, and
access to an on-line referral of concerning behavior.
Congratulations to three members of the University Police Department.
Read more about them in the UPD portion of this newsletter.
Don Challis
Assistant Vice-President for Safety and Security
South Dakota State University
208 Morrill Hall
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Safety & Security Newsletter