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Safety Gap Analysis Form
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procedure been established
and maintained for
identifying applicable
regulatory requirements
(CAR 573, 705)
Are Regulations, Standards
and Exemptions periodically
reviewed to ensure that the
most current information is
(CAR 573, 705)
Component 2, Documentation - Element 2.2, SMS Documentation
Is there consolidated
documentation that
describes the safety
management system and the
interrelationship between all
of its elements
(CAR 107.03)
Does this information reside
or is it incorporated by
reference into approved
documentation, such as
Company Operations
Manual, Maintenance
Control/Policy Manual,
Airport Operations Manual,
as applicable, and where
these approved documents
are not required by
regulation, the organization
includes the information in a
separate, controlled
(CAR 573.31, STD 725.152)
Component 2, Documentation - Element 2.3, Records Management
Does the organization have a
records system that ensures
the generation and retention
of all records necessary to
document and support
operational requirements,
and is in accordance with
applicable regulatory
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Safety Gap Analysis Form