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Safety Gap Analysis Report Example
GHANA PVS Gap Analysis August 2011
The PVS Gap Analysis report provides a five-year programme for the sustainable
strengthening of a country's national VS in accordance to the OIE quality standards, suitably
adapted to national priorities and constraints. In Ghana, the PVS Gap Analysis follows a PVS
evaluation mission of the VS conducted in November 2008. The report is based on the
Defining, together with the Veterinary Services, and in accordance with national
priorities and constraints, the expected result for the critical competencies of the OIE
PVS tool;
Determining the activities to be carried out in order to achieve the expected results for
the critical competencies;
Determining, with the help of information, data or interviews, the tasks and human,
physical and financial resources required to implement these activities to enable the
Veterinary Services to function appropriately.
Ghana requested an OIE-PVS Gap Analysis mission in a letter sent to the OIE Director
General on April 27
, 2009. The mission was carried out from 7 to 16 August 2011 by a team
of three OIE certified experts: Dr Bouna DIOP, Team Leader, Dr Chris Daborn and Dr
Herbert Schneider, Technical experts.
National priorities and targeted levels
At the beginning of the mission, the following national priorities in terms of livestock, animal
health, and veterinary public health policies and Veterinary Services organisation, have been
identified with the Director and the key senior officers of the Veterinary Services Directorate
(VSD) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA).
Policy on livestock development and trade:
Finalize Livestock Development Document (drafted 2 years ago) with reference to the
animal health sector, particular emphasis on the poultry industry.
Promote local livestock production for import-substitution, especially in the poultry
Technical priorities in Animal Health:
Review and enact new legislation on animal health and disease control in accordance
with OIE standards
o Strengthen capacity to prevent the spread of relevant transboundary animal
diseases and zoonoses
o Control PPR & CBPP
o Strengthen the “One Health” approach.
Technical priorities in Veterinary Public Health:
Enact appropriate legislation to enable the VS to perform all functions relative to meat
inspection at all administrative levels.
Policy on organisational structure and management of the Veterinary Services:
Ensure an effective chain of command throughout the VS to meet OIE standards.
Meet OIE standards relevant to the establishment, authority and capacity of the
Veterinary Council of Ghana (VCG) and provide the necessary legal instruments.
The targeted levels of advancement for each critical competency relevant to the national
context (listed in table 6 within the body of the report) were identified, recognising national
priorities and constraints. Strategies to strengthen competencies in the key areas [pillars] of
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Safety Gap Analysis Report Example