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Sales And Marketing Service Agreement
Affiliate Marketing Agreement
This Affiliate Marketing Agreement ("Agreement") is made on this ____ day of _______________, 20__,
by and between Career Step, LLC, a Utah company wit h mailing address at 1220 North Main Street, Suite
6, Springville, Utah 84663 (“Career Step”), and ______________________, with mailing address at
____________________________________ (“Affiliate”);
WHEREAS Career Step has established a background as a proprietary school offering a medical
transcription distance learning course and Affiliate wishes to sell such courses throughout the United
NOW THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:
(A) Affiliate will have the non-exclusive right to represent Career S tep and to market and sell
Career St ep's medical transcription and medical coding training programs throughout the
United States.
(i) Affiliate will provide the following services:
(a) Affiliate will be responsible for marketing and promoting t he Career Step
medical transcription and medical coding training courses. Any publication
and/or distribution of printed material in the promotion of the Career Step
training courses shall first be approved by Career Step. The Career Step name
and logo, promotional materials, and information may be used with the
approval of Career Step during the te rm of this agreement.
(b) Affiliate will collect and convey to Career Step complete contact information
on each prospective student that it wishes to refer to Career Step. All
marketing contact information will be provided to Career Step in an electronic
format on a daily basis or as frequently as referrals are generated. At a
minimum, contact information will include the correct name, physical address,
telephone number and e-mail address.
(c) Affiliate will be financially responsible for all marketing, selling,
administrative and other expenses relating to its marketing efforts.
(ii) Career Step will provide the fol lowing services:
(a) Career Step will act promptly t o mail marketing and enrollment materials to
prospective students referred by Affiliate and use its best efforts to convert
referrals to enrollments.
(b) Career Step will t rack all Affiliate referrals through its database and provide a
monthly summary of enrollment activity to Affiliate.
(c) Career Step shall be responsible for all student training and support for students
referred by Affiliate.
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Sales And Marketing Service Agreement