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Foster a sales culture that attracts – and keeps – the most talented salespeople
If {client_name} doesn’t invest in a formal sales process tailored to meet its unique needs, it
risks losing market share to well-organized competitors.
Delivering Results
Instructions: Use 3-4 bulleted sections to describe positive results your services will create for
the client. Focus on major results you think the client will value the most. Spend a few lines
after each result you list to 1) describe why the result is helpful to the client’s business; and 2)
break down the actions you’ll take to create that result for the client.
{my_company}’s sales consulting services will deliver the following results for {client_name}:
Develop and implement a streamlined sales process – Having an efficient
process in place eliminates any guesswork about how to generate the most sales. We’ll
provide you with a blueprint that guides you through the entire spectrum of the sales
relationship, from generating leads to managing repeat customers.
Cultivate an agile, motivated sales forceAn efficient, well-organized sales force
can be your most valuable asset. We’ll evaluate what you’re doing now, and then we’ll
offer constructive advice to make your sales force more effective, whether it’s
reorganizing its structure or creating a compensation scheme that rewards excellence.
Strengthen relationships with clients across the board – We believe solid
relationships are the foundations that support any successful business. Keeping that in
mind, we’ll share strategies with you to help you make a positive impression on new
prospects, as well as strengthen your relationships with existing customers.
Recommendations for Your Company
Instructions: Use this section to break down which of your consulting services will solve the
client’s problem. Under each service, talk about: 1) what you’ll do to carry that service out; and
2) how those actions will benefit the client. Don’t be afraid to recommend additional services
beyond the client’s project specifications if you believe the services will help the client fix their
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