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To meet {client_name}’s goals, as outlined above, we recommend the following services as part
of this project:
Development of a Formal Sales Process
A formal sales process allows you to systematically manage business opportunities.
{my_company} develops this process for you based on a quantitative analysis of your costs,
competitors, and customer profile. This customized solution keeps your pipeline of prospects full
and ensures your sales force uses its limited resources for the most profitable effect.
Analysis of Current Sales Strategies and Advice to Improve Them
{my_company} will visit {client_name}’s business personally and observe the current sales
process there from start to finish. Then, relying on those firsthand observations and an outside
perspective, {my_company} will analyze any inefficiencies and offer actionable advice about
how to fix them.
Sales Force Training and Counsel
{my_company} will determine how to structure your sales force, its ideal size, and where to
assign talent to generate the most profits. We will also use our expertise to train your sales force
for maximum efficiency. To ensure that our services meet {client_name}’s needs, {my_company}
includes benchmarking and measurement in every contract.
Your Investment
Instructions: Estimate a price for your service package and come up with a label for it that
describes a clear benefit to the client. Breaking down your services into 3 or 4 chronological
phases (if applicable) will help the client understand what will happen when, as well as make
your solution appear valuable. Keep the breakdown at a high level and don’t break down your
price; you’ll need to modify this if your consulting agreement is performance-based or handled
with a monthly retainer.
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Sales Consulting Proposal Sample