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Sales Consulting Proposal Sample
momentum by only focusing on sales without facing pressure from its competitors. That’s why
you want a company like {my_company} to provide you with a solution to maximize your sales
without compromising your time and strengths. Our expertise, resources, and deep commitment
to our craft make us the ideal choice to meet {client_name}’s needs for a sales solution. We’ll
bring the following strengths to our work for {client_name}:
{my_company} only hires experienced salespeople Everyone on our team
brings real-world experience to the table. We’re doers, not theorists. This wealth of
knowledge offers us a unique perspective into the strategies that work and those that
don’t; we want to share the most effective ones with you.
{my_company} has expertise in a wide range of industries – Our team has
worked with clients in industries ranging from software and professional services to
defense contracting and biotech. We’ve distilled what works, and we can provide an
invaluable perspective regardless of your current stage of business development.
{my_company} focuses on helping you strengthen relationships with customers
old and new We understand running a successful business is all about relationships.
Certain “key accounts,” comprising roughly 20% of your customers, generate 80% of
your sales. We’ll help you maintain relations with those key accounts and expand them
long into the future. But we don’t neglect the crucial importance of leaving new prospects
with a good impression, so our sales strategies cover all the bases.
Project Timeline
Instructions: Use this chart to break down your consulting services into chronological phases.
Describe what each phase entails in the “activities” section and give an estimated completion
date for each phase. You might not need to use this section for short, one-off jobs, but most
consulting projects run for long enough time to make this section useful.
Should {client_name} choose {my_company} to execute this solution as proposed, our timeline
for this project is as follows:
Phase Activities Completion
Analysis of {client_name}’s costs, competition,
customer profile and sales process.
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Sales Consulting Proposal Sample