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Sales Forecast Template
Sales Forecast Template
You will use this template to compile monthly sales forecast for the current fiscal year. Employees will be
required to enter monthly sales volumes, selling prices and gross profit percentages for each product
category. Please note that the other calculations will update automatically. The template includes five generic
Step 1: Locate similar real world companies in your industry and use their financial data to identify typical
product costs. Remember your cost structure will be different depending upon whether you chose to
Step 2: Place the identified costs in the table with the corresponding product line. Remember to take into
account any possible fluctuations in cost that may occur as a result of seasonal demand.
Step 3: Provide price points for each product category. Remember to account for any potential price changes
that may occur during the year. For example, if you sell beach related items your price point may be higher in
Step 4: Forecast the number of units you expect to sell each month. Be as realistic as possible and
remember the nature of the VEI market as you calculate these numbers. Remember, you should expect a
Step 5: Convene a meeting of the Accounting and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Administration, and
Purchasing departments. Distribute your sales forecast and discuss any potential changes that may need to
be made to increase the accuracy of your projections. Upon final approval the finance department will use
Step 6: At the end of each month the Accounting and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Administration, and
Purchasing departments should meet to discuss the months projections and analyze them to determine if the
firm is on pace with the projected goals. If the firm is ahead of goals determine why and make any necessary
All cells that require employee input have been highlighted with a yellow cell background. All the other cells
If you require additional product categories, we recommend inserting the required number of additional rows
anywhere between the first and last product categories in each section of the sales forecast and then copying
the existing formulas from one of the default product category rows in each section. Additional rows should be
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Sales Forecast Template