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Sales Plan Template 1
Sales Plan Template 1
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Sales Plan Template
A sales plan defines and documents the analysis and objectives that inform your organisation’s sales activities. Like any plan it is a living
document that should be reviewed and adapted to meet changing circumstances.
A key purpose of the template is to encourage you to analyse your current situation and match this analysis with your sales goals. This process
will help ensure that the major sales activities are included in your sales plan.
Previous Period
Revenue Exactly how much you generated. Don’t forget credit notes, bad debts and deferred payments
Unit sales by product type Which products sell best Are they continuing to grow
No of customers Does the 80:20 rule apply How reliant are you on a small number of customers
Average order value Is this changing
Geographic breakdown A breakdown by sales territory. Which territories generate most/least
Revenue by month/quarter Are there trends, when are the weak strong periods
New business revenue What proportion of business is new
Renewal and existing business What is your retention/renewal rate Is this increasing/decreasing How much “churn”
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Sales Plan Template 1