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Sales Plan Template 3
Sales plan template
This sales plan template is provided as a guide only to help you develop a sales plan for your business. Your plan
may require more or less information than we’ve set out in this template.
As you work through the template, please refer to the results of your research and to your business plans.
This template contains questions to help guide to writing the information for each element and section. After you
record your answers, you can delete the questions.
Markets and marketing
The best sales results are based on sound market research and marketing research. Thus the first element of a
good sales plan is a summary of your markets and marketing.
Answer the following questions and then use your answers to write the information for each section.
Summary of your business’s target market segments
How many clients are in each market segment
Who are the people in each market segment
Where are they located
How do they make purchasing decisions
Where do they find information to make purchasing decisions
What classification have you given to each market segment (according to previous sales volume or potential
sales volume)
Factors affecting future sales, learned through market research
Why there is a demand for what you’re selling
How do your products and services meet the needs of people in your target market
Is there a market niche that is not being satisfied
Are people in an existing market satisfied or looking for a change
Can you offer clients something that will satisfy them
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