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Sales Promotion Letter Sample Word Doc
Sales Promotion Letter Template
Dear customer,
The union bakers would like to announce a great offer this valentines day. Every two kg cake you buy
you get raffle ticket which allows you to enter into a draw which will give you a chance to win a dinner
for two at a three star hotel. You can have a wonderful dinner with your loved one on the eve of
Valentine’s Day.
The bakers will arrange for the pickup and drop to the venue and you can enjoy the dinner along with
the dance party at the three star hotels.
Don’t you think it will be fun to take your girlfriend or boyfriend out for dinner on a valentine’s day and
make the day a special one.Imagine all that fun you have with your loved one with tasty cuisine and
exciting and thrilling dance party. To top it all you can meet famous singer and dancer who is the
guest of honor that day.
Visit any of our outlets to get more information. Hurry and buy a wonderful tasty cake for your loved
Since the offer is valid till (time how long).please act now.
Your name.
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Sales Promotion Letter Sample Word Doc