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Sales Proposal Template 1
1. Executive Summary
Briefly outline the challenges your firm can help the prospective organization solve. Provide
a concise summary of your solution’s key deliverables, project timelines, pricing, and any
other relevant information to influence decision-makers who may only read this part.
2. Our Understanding
2.1 Your Company
Paraphrase prospect’s corporate overview from their website.
2.2 Your Needs
Provide a brief description of the prospect’s needs. Consider using a bulleted list
that is prioritized from critical needs to value adds.
Prioritized list of needs:
Need 1
Need 2
Need 3
2.3 Decision Criteria
Decision, including service level agreements, warranties, professional services,
delivery timelines, etc.
Key Decision Criteria
(High, Med, Low)
1. Service Level Agreement High
2. Pricing Med
3. Available before June 1st High
3. Our Approach
3.1 Our Company
Provide a concise summary of your organization, including competitive advantages
or differentiation from key competitors.
3.2 Our Solution
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Sales Proposal Template 1