Salon Booth Station Rental Lease Agreement Template - Free Download
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Salon Booth Station Rental Lease Agreement Template
Station rental agreement made ______________(date), between______________________________(renter) and
_____________________ (owner/landlord).
The renter agrees to rent station/booth #_____ on a week-to-week basis. Rent for station will be $_____per week.
Included in the rent is salon space with key, use of shampoo & reception areas, use of towels & washer/ dryer, a
listing on the salon directory, and basic utilities such as water & electricity. The renter will provide his/her own phone
service, be responsible for setting his/her own appointments, advertisements, handling payment from his/her own
customers, setting his/her own days & hours of operation, back bar supplies & all products and chemicals, gowns &
capes, styling tools, assistants, insurance, licenses and any other needed services and supplies. The renter is
responsible for the orderliness, cleanliness and sanitation of his/her own station and that of any station or common
area that he or she uses. Renter is responsible to pay for any breakage or damages to the salon by him/herself or
their clients. Renter may decorate station to his/her own taste, excluding paint. The renter will be assigned a
"server number" and may use the credit card machine for a fee of ____% of each transaction. Credit card charges
will be reimbursed to renter on the first Tuesday after rent is paid. Amount of rent may be adjusted at the discretion
of the owner.
A renter may be discharged from the premises for disruptive conduct. Any illegal or illicit acts on the premises will
be grounds for immediate termination of rental agreement. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in Richland Business
Rent for each week is due in advance on ______________ by 5PM. There will be a $______ late fee each day rent
is late. If rent check is bounced a fee of $_______ will be applied. If rent is one week late, this to be a notice to
vacate and contents of station will be removed and station will be available to rent to another tenant. The renter may
not assign this rental or sublet any portion of the premises. The renter may sell retail products with no part of the
profit due to the owner. All state, local and federal taxes resulting from the sale of retail products are the
responsibility of the renter selling the products or services.
The renter shall comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of the city of Richardson, the State of
_________________ and Federal authorities. Fines resulting from a failure to be properly licensed or to meet
licensing standards are the responsibility of the renter. The renter is a self-employed, independent contractor, not
an employee of the owner or Landlord and is responsible for all taxes of any kind related to his/her business.
The renter, at his/her expense, must maintain a _____________ License, issued by the State of _____________.
The license must be publicly displayed on the premises at all times. The renter, at his/her expense, will maintain a
current Independent Contractor and/or Booth Renter License. Said licenses must be available for review at all
This agreement may only be modified by a written addendum signed by both parties.
Renter’s Signature__________________________Date____________________
License #______________________Expires___________________
Owner’s Signature__________________________Date_____________________
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Salon Booth Station Rental Lease Agreement Template