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Sample Acting Resume
Design/Tech Resume Guidelines
• Your resume should be contained on one page;
• Use only a simple, basic, and standard font so that your resume is easy to read;
• Arrange the information on your resume in a clear, concise, and organized manner;
• If you list professional experience but do not provide a reference from the theatre, this will be perceived as a red
ag to a potential employer. If you cannot provide a reference from this theatre, consider not listing the experience;
• Save and send only a pdf copy of your resume.
• Along with your name, the heading should include your phone number and email;
• Do not include your home address on your resume;
• Your voicemail message must be clear and professional;
• Make sure your voicemail is not full;
• Your email address should be simple and professional; otherwise, it may be caught in a spam lter.
Position Title
• e position title is used to identify yourself and the job you seek.
• List all professional experience rst and then educational experience;
• Arrange all information in chronological order, beginning with your most recent work rst;
• Make sure all information is spelled correctly;
• Include the direct supervisor you worked with for each position you list;
• You may list the director and/or designer of the production you worked on if you worked directly with them;
• If you did not have the best experience working with your direct supervisor, you may list another supervisor you
worked with instead;
• Remove all high school experience by the end of your sophomore year.
Additional Skills
• Include only experience that is related to the job you are applying for;
• List all computer skills:
Software: Microsoft Oce Suite; AutoCAD 12 2D and/or 3D; VectorWorks; LightWright 5 (Basic);
current Adobe Creative Suite PS and/or AL; Google SketchUp; Q-Lab; and Audacity.
Console: ETC Ion; Jands Vista V1 and V2; Analog Audio; Digital Audio (Yamaha PM5D);
and Strand Innovator.
• You may also include the level of expertise you have with each experience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
• Be prepared for the interviewer to quiz you to see if you are at the level of expertise you claim on your resume.
• Make sure you have acquired permission from individuals before you list them as references;
• Notify your references prior to applying for a job so
they will be prepared to talk about you and your work
when called upon to do so;
• Make sure all information is accurate and spelled
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Sample Acting Resume