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Sample Acting Resume
• Document your work by taking pictures and making notes about the project you are documenting (show title,
designers, supervisor, your job responsibility on project, date, etc.). If you wish to take advantage of professional
images taken of a show, make sure you have the rights to include them in your portfolio;
• If your pictures include Equity actors, you will need to give them credit along with the designers;
• Update your portfolio often, particularly after each show;
• ere are a variety of websites that provide portfolio creators that are easy to navigate. Try a few of them out to
see which is the best t for you;
• View your portfolio on various devices (Mac, PC, iPad, eReader, etc.) and through various browsers (Explorer,
Firefox, Safari, etc.) to see if it appears as you intended for it to;
• Select a layout that is clean, organized, and easy to navigate. You will lose your audience quickly if they have to
look too long for information;
• Keep your portfolio professional. You may provide some aspects that reveal your personality to set yourself apart,
but remember that this is a tool to aid in obtaining a job;
• Keep all information, images, sound/movie clips, and pages related to the job you seek.
Digital Portfolio Guidelines
Costume Design
• Color costume renderings
• Production images
• Research and sketches for a production to
demonstrate design process
• Brief statement of concept for each show
• Designer paperwork (character chart,
plot, etc.)
Costume Technician
• Production images
• Images of work in process
• Images of the inside of costume pieces created
• Examples of pattern drafting
Scene Designer
• Images of models and/or color renderings
• Research and developmental sketches
• Drafting examples
• Painters elevations
• Production images
• Photos of work in process
• Brief statement of concept for each show
Lighting Designer
• Storyboards and lighting studies
• Visual research
• Brief statement of concept for each show
• Light plots
• Full set of paperwork
• Production images
Technical Director
• Production images and copies of designer’s
model and/or rendering
• Drafting examples
• Budget paperwork
• Organizational paperwork (crew schedules,
building schedules, etc.)
• Show specic technical challenges and how
you solved them
• Production images (clearly noting your
contributions to the production)
• Images of projects completed (in process and
• Examples of sketches, paperwork, and/or
drafting to demonstrate the scope of one
or more projects
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