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Sample Apology Letter 1
An apology letter to a friend
Rowshan Mckinnon
77 Chapel St.
NSW 2192
June 1, 2011
Victoria Balasami
39 Forrest Rd.
St. Peters
NSW 3425
Dear Vicki
I am so sorry i couldn’t attend to your “Get Together” Party. I know how awful
it is when you are counting on someone and she lets you down.
I know you expected me to be there as your best friend and it was important to you
that i attend but i didn’t !
So, that makes it even harder for me to try to find the words to apologize to you.
As you know me when i make a promise, i try my best to keep it. So i am
both sorry and embarrassed that i was not able to be honest to my word in this time
and i regret that you had to try to make an excuse for my absence.
I hope i can make this up to you in the future. i promise, at a future party i will
be there to make up for all i missed this time around. I’ll be expecting my invitation
when you do your next one.
Please give me a call as soon as possible so that we can talk.
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Sample Apology Letter 1