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Sample Board Minutes Template
Sample Board Minutes Template
Call to Order: A regular board meeting of Manchester Swim Club was held at Manchester High
School, 134 East Middle Turnpike, Manchester, Connecticut in the swim office on Tuesday,
November 5, 2013. The meeting convened at 5:10 p.m. Board members in attendance were
President~Joe Guenther, newly-appointed Vice President~Beth O’Connor, Secretary~Suzanne Michaud,
Treasurer~Rochelle Cosman, and USA Liaison~Diane Smyth. This Board meeting was also attended by
the following parents of swimmers: Leigh Garvey and Karen Cone.
Approval of Minutes From Prior Board Meeting: The Minutes of the Board Meeting held on August
20, 2013 were approved, and posted to the Manchester Swim Club website.
Meeting Discussions:
Jack Crockwell officially resigned at Vice President of Manchester Swim Club effective
immediately. .
In accordance with the By-Laws, Beth O’Connor has been appointed as Vice President of
Manchester Swim Club for the remainder of the current swim season.
Diane Smyth purchased ribbons from Hodges Badge Company to be awarded to eachheat” winner
during home swim meets. These ribbons will replace the “rubber ducky’s” that were awarded in
previous years. These “heat” winner ribbons will only be awarded for individual races (not relays).
The concession fee charged in previous years will be eliminated this swim season. In lieu of this fee,
there will be a charge for all swimmers and family members at the banquet at the end of the season.
K&N Graphics will offer a two week period during the holiday season in which online orders can be
placed, and the shipping/handling will be waived. All merchandise ordered during this time will be
held by K&N Graphics and delivered/picked up on a specific date and distributed during swim
Diane announced that we have officially changed payroll companies. There have been several
customer-service issues with the previous company, including a payroll mix-up in May that has yet
to be resolved. In addition, the swim club was paying approximately $100/month for payroll; the
new company is charging $20 per payroll and $1.00 for each check. This is a significant cost
savings for the club.
Manchester Swim Club
Board Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: November 5, 2013
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Sample Board Minutes Template