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Sample Car Lease Agreement
Sample Car Lease Agreement
Auto Lease Agreement
This Auto Lease Agreement made this ______ day of ____________, 20__between CareStat
LLC, (Lessor) and _________________________ (Lessee) organized and existing under the
laws of the State of Texas.
1. Leased Auto. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Lease, Lessor hereby Leases to
the Lessee a ______________________(vehicle), License plate # ________________,
Vin # of _____________________.
2. Leased Amount. As consideration for this Lease, Lessee shall pay $______ monthly on
a month to month basis. Lessee shall have the option to end its Lease with a 30 day
advanced notice or convert to Lease to Purchase and Car will be sold at Fair market value.
3. Maintenance Expenses. Lessee shall be responsible for all expenses that shall result as a
part of the normal wear and tear of the automobile. Lessee also agrees to comply with the
Lessor’s requirements of Maintenance of the Vehicle such as tire rotation and
replacement, replacement of air filter, replacements of hoses clamps, belts, spark plugs,
oil changes, which Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil must be used.
4. Insurance. Lessee must maintain Automobile Liability Insurance as required by State
Law. A copy of the insurance card must be provided to the Lessor upon request.
5. Damage of Destruction. If the Leased Auto is destroyed or damaged, the Lessee agrees
to be held fully responsible for any charges that may stem from the damage of said
6. Authority. Each of the individuals executing this Lease on behalf of the Lessee or the
Lessor represents to the other party that such individual is authorized to do so by requisite
action of the party of the Lease.
LESSOR: _________________________________________________ DATE: ___________________
Oscar E Barrera, CareStat LLC
LESSEE: _________________________________________________ DATE: ___________________
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Sample Car Lease Agreement