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Sample Chiropractic Resume Template
Sample Chiropractic Resume Template
123 Main Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 30339
Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235
Objective: Seek the Position of Senior Chiropractor
Expert Chiropractor with over eight years experience diagnosing disorders of
the spine and other body joints; treating those patients whose symptoms
result from abnormal musculo-skeletal conditions or joint mechanics through
the corrective manipulation of the spinal column or other joints.
Great knowledge of the effect of diseases and injuries.
Remarkable knowledge of how to give advice on social or personal
problems and setting up a plan for treatment.
Great knowledge of injuries, illnesses, and defects and setting up a plan
for treatment.
Strong knowledge of the meaning, spelling, and use of the English
Sound knowledge of teaching and the methods involved in learning and
Solid knowledge of managing the operations of a business, company, or
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Sound ability to manage the time of self and others.
Excellent use of scientific methods to solve problems.
Strong ability to effectively communicate diagnostic test results,
diagnose and propose treatment in a manner easily understood by their
Profound ability to approach problems objectively and provide support
to clients and their families.
Demonstrated uncommon patient and compassion for patients.
Professional Experience
Tom Primary Care Trust, Minneapolis, MN 2002 - Present
Write down patients' case history details, conduct physical examinations
and interpret diagnostic imaging studies such as X-rays.
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Sample Chiropractic Resume Template