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Sample Chronological Resume Enviornmental Studies
Sample Chronological Resume Enviornmental Studies
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Resumé Sample: Environmental Studies
Marla Brown
123 Any Street (555)123-4567
No-town, ON N0N 0N0
To obtain a position as an Environmental Field Coordinator where my commitment to sustainable growth and
responsible resource management through innovative technologies and strategies would be in alignment with
organizational priorities.
Bachelor of Environmental Studies 2014
York University, Toronto
Specialization: Environmental Management: Policy, Resources and Conservation
Unilever Undergraduate Entrance Award in Environmental Studies 2013
Based on an 80% GPA, and an essay judged by industry representatives as best presenting a vision of
sustainability for the new millennium
Related Courses
Environmental Assessment (EA) 2012
Gained familiarity with the fundamentals of EA by exploring substantive and process oriented issues through
case studies and practicing methods and techniques of assessment - final project in the top
2 percentile of a class of 60
Related Research
The Effects of On-Campus Construction on Stong Pond 2013
Evaluated the impact of recent, widespread construction at York University on a small pond by measuring and
comparing water samples for clarity and contamination against data stored at the Toronto Regional
Conservation Authority
Related Experience
Environmental Officer Summer 2013
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Toronto
Collaborated with a team of consultants, scientists and students to test water quality of the Humber River
measuring impact of precipitation levels on contamination
Determined peak flood levels of the river over the next 50 years using the hydrology model and presented the
results in statistical diagrams to supervisor, who commended me on the clarity with which the most significant
trends were illustrated
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Sample Chronological Resume Enviornmental Studies