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Sample Consignment Agreement
Sample Consignment Agreement
RePlay Toys, LLC Consignment Agreement
RePlay Toys, LLC (RePlay Toys) enters into a consignment agreement with ________________________ (Consignor). This agreement
is held for one calendar year from the date of signing. RePlay Toys accepts the items listed on the Inventory Intake Form attached to
this contract for consignment. If, during the duration of this contract, additional items are consigned, additional Inventory Intake Forms
can be attached to this contract. By signing this agreement, Consignor warrants to RePlay Toys that Consignor has full title to all the
items consigned. Consignor also warrants that all information regarding the items consigned is true and correct to the best of his or her
I. UConsignor Rights and Responsibilities:
1. Consignor remains as owner of the items until purchased. Consignor agrees that RePlay Toys is hereby appointed,
and is acting solely as, agent for the Consignor in selling the item(s).
2. By signing this agreement, the consignor acknowledges that all accepted items will be kept at RePlay Toys from the
date of item acceptance through either sale of the item or completion of the Consignment Window, whichever occurs
3. During the time that RePlay Toys is in possession of the item(s), RePlay Toys will be responsible for any loss or
damage to the item(s) due to RePlay Toys' negligence, as per state law.
4. All consignors are subject to an annual fee of $10 to activate their consignment account. If an account has been
inactive for 12 months, a $10 fee will be assessed to reactivate the account.
II. UAcceptance of Items for Consignment:
1. No item shall be accepted without signed agreement.
2. At each consignment appointment, a completed Inventory Intake form is required. Items will not be accepted
without all required paperwork.
3. RePlay Toys reserves the right to refuse any items.
4. All items accepted must comply with the RePlay Toys Acceptable Item Policy.
5. Items under recall will not be accepted. If an item becomes recalled, RePlay Toys will not sell item and will return to
A. Recall shall be defined as “items identified as unsafe by the United States Customer Product Safety
B. RePlay Toys agrees to monitor the CPSC Toy Hazard Recalls list daily. Should a previously accepted item
become identified as “recall”, RePlay Toys will immediately remove the item from sale and notify the
consignor within 24 hours.
6. Prior to listing any of the items for sale, RePlay Toys shall establish a List Price for each item.
A. "List Price" shall be defined as "the price determined by RePlay Toys for sale of an item, separate from any
B. By signing this agreement, the consignor acknowledges that RePlay Toys will establish the List Price as a
function of market value, condition and appearance with intention to sell the item for the highest potential
C. RePlay Toys reserves the right to offer coupons to its customers. Coupons used will be applied to the “List
Price” for items.
7. At the time of acceptance of item(s), RePlay Toys shall define all fees associated with the preparation and listing of
item(s). Consignor Fees are defined as:
A. Cleaning/Preparation Fee: as needed, this fee includes repackaging, bagging and any other necessary
alterations to the appearance of the item for sale. Cleaning fee will be determined based on the time &
effort required to make the item ready for sale.
B. Pieces Fee: as needed, to be determined per piece, generally ranging from $0.25 to $1.00 per piece. If
batteries are required and not included at acceptance, they will be included as “Pieces”
8. All items not accepted for consignment will be defined in as either Purchase or Unacceptable
A. Purchase: RePlay Toys reserves the right to purchase item(s) from the Consignor whose fees would exceed
any profits from their sale.
B. Unacceptable: Consignor will be notified of any items not accepted by RePlay Toys for consignment or
C. Upon notification that items are not acceptable, these items must be picked-up by the end of the following
business day. Any items not picked-up will be donated to RePlay Toys at that time.
9. The Consignment Window shall be defined as a "Forty Two (42) calendar day period beginning on the date the items
are listed for sale by RePlay Toys"
A. This period shall be broken into 2 phases:
1. Phase 1: the initial four weeks (28 days) - items will be listed for the full "List Price"
2. Phase 2: the concluding two weeks (14 days) - the "List Price" will be reduced by 50%
B. By signing this agreement, the consignor acknowledges that the List Price for all items not sold during Phase
1 will be immediately subject to the 50% reduction. No exceptions will be made.
C. The consignor will be notified of these dates at the consignment appointment.
10. If the item(s) are not sold during the Consignment Window, RePlay Toys shall return the items to Consignor.
Consignor agrees to pay RePlay Toys all fees for services rendered in listing the item for sale, prior to such return.
11. At the conclusion of the Consignment Window, Consignor has five (5) business days to retrieve unsold items. This
five day period starts on the Tuesday following the end of the Consignment Window and ends with the close of
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Sample Consignment Agreement