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Sample Curriculum Vitae- Academic
Jan. 1996 to Apr. 1996
Supervisor and Tutor-marker, Distance Education Center, Simon Fraser University.
Course: Adolescent Development
Sept. 1995 to Dec. 1995
Sessional Lecturer, School of Family and Nutritional Sciences, University of British Columbia
Course: Parent-child relationships across the lifespan.
Jan. 1994 to Apr. 1994
Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University (SFU)
Course: Introduction to Social Psychology
Sept. 1993 to Dec. 1993
Instructor, Bartholomew's attachment coding system, SFU
Responsibilities included designing course program and content, conducting weekly seminars
for undergraduate and graduate students, and individual consultation.
Jan. 1993 to Apr. 1993
Teaching Assistant, SFU
Course: Introductory Statistics
Sept. 1992 to Dec. 1992
Teaching Assistant, SFU
Course: Introduction to Developmental Psychology
Jan. 1992 to Apr. 1992
Teaching Assistant, SFU
Course: Developmental Psychology: Adolescence
Sept. 1991 to Dec. 1991
Teaching Assistant, SFU
Course: Developmental Psychology: Adulthood and Aging
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Sample Curriculum Vitae-Academic