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Sample Education Cover Letter
Sample Education Cover Letter
Miguel Andre Pepperletter
123 E. 225
Street • Los Angeles, CA 90000 • 310-888-8888
February 14, 2013
Andrew Jones
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Adler Union School District
2323 E. Main Street
Calabasas, CA 90123
Dear Mr. Jones:
With changes in Information Technology evolving at an unprecedented rate, having a skilled Technology Specialist is
imperative for any school district. I have experienced first-hand during the past few years how dramatic advances in
technology have affected our school districts. Without a doubt, our school districts face many challenges in the months
and years ahead. Adler Union School District’s commitment to developing a technology integrated program will
greatly enhance the learning experience of your students. My collaborative approach and my leadership experience in
the field of technology make me a strong candidate for the Technology Specialist position.
As you will see on the enclosed resume, I offer a background as a seasoned technology professional, having
successfully implemented new learning technology platforms across multiple K-12 schools in Southern California.
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and a Master of Arts Degree in Learning Technology
from Pepperdine University, my background enables me to offer a high level of technological solutions for Adler
Union School District’s challenges. Specifically, my experience as the Technology Coordinator at School X has
provided me with the following qualifications:
Ability to integrate technology in an academic setting using 21
Century Skills of Learning
Skills in managing information support programs efficiently and effectively
Experience conducting effective professional development technology training for employees
Background in collaborating, implementing, and monitoring district technology plans
Familiarity with effective hardware/software technology purchasing
Expertise in implementation of technology systems
I am confident that I offer a blend of technical expertise and leadership abilities, which would be of great value to
Adler Union School District. I look forward to a personal interview to further discuss my qualifications. Thank you
for your time and consideration.
Miguel Andre Pepperletter
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Sample Education Cover Letter