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Sample Employee Scorecard
Sample – Job Scorecard
201_ Job Scorecard - General Manager
Job Purpose
The General Manager is responsible for the leadership of 6 – 8 business units, with more than
400 employees.
He/she ensures that teams are highly engaged to deliver exceptional service to guests.
He/she keeps teams updated regarding strategic developments and operational targets,
ensuring teams have the resources, systems, support, and knowledge to achieve goals.
The General Manager sets targets, plans budgets, controls operational expenditures, recruits,
trains and inspires multiple teams, creating and driving marketing campaigns across several
business units while building strong bridges with the community.
1. Ensures the highest standards for services. Consistently ensures that operations comply
with all applicable laws.
2. Develops, maintains and administers a sound organizational plan; initiates improvements
as necessary for high quality succession planning at all levels of his/her organization.
3. Provides advice and recommendations to the COO, CFO, and CEO about business
development, revenue opportunities, policies, procedures, etc.
4. Oversees marketing and community programs to promote services and facilities to
potential and present customers.
5. Negotiates and recommends supplier and partner contracts. Establishes and monitors
compliance with purchasing policies and procedures.
6. Analyzes financial statements, manages cash flow, and establishes controls to safeguard
Specific Measures of Success
1. Revenue: Increase year over year sales revenue by 25%
2. Cost: Decrease operational costs by 5% without impacting quality
3. Increase customer satisfaction to 89%
4. Topgrading: Achieve 90% A players
5. People Development: ensure 21 training days/year for managers, 8 days for general staff
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Sample Employee Scorecard