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Sample Grant Proposal
Sample Grant Proposal
Read to Succeed! Improving Reading Performance for At Risk
Project Abstract
The project abstract should present a concise summary of the project. It should be no longer than a
page and include the need for the project and the population it will serve, a brief description of the
project and its goals and objectives, as well as the applicant’s background and qualifications. Make
sure you include the amount of funding that is being sought. Finally, mention how the program will
be evaluated to measure the success of the programs. The abstract should be the last section you
The Orchard Middle School, in Orchard, VT is seeking a grant to expand our Read to Succeed!
program with the objective of helping all of our at risk students increase their reading skills and to
read at grade level using the same classroom textbooks and materials as their peers. The objective is
that by the end of the year the students will have at least doubled their reading speed and will have
improved their reading skills by one to two grade levels. The Read to Succeed! program is based on
the latest research on effective reading instruction. Funding in the amount of $16,504 is requested for
staff training and to purchase the required software and hardware for the school’s resource room.
Statement of Need
The statement of need should describe the problem that the project will attempt to address. Also,
describe the population that will be served.
Orchard Middle School has 276 students, of which 59 have been determined to be at risk in their
reading performance for a variety of reasons including learning disabilities, such as attention deficit
disorder (ADD) and dyslexia, or other economic and language-based difficulties. Orchard Middle
School is eligible for Title 1 funds and if these students are not given an opportunity to improve their
reading skills they are, as studies show, more likely to be truant and drop out of school.
Program Description
Describe the project or program and provide information on how it will be implemented. Include
information on what will be accomplished and the desired outcome.
The Orchard Read to Succeed! project will enable at risk students to improve their reading skills
through utilization of five computers equipped with scanners and assistive reading software. Students
using this innovative reading system will be able to utilize all their classroom materials, including
textbooks providing them access to the general curriculum. The students will increase their reading
speed and comprehension, which will help them obtain classroom subject proficiency. Included in the
Read to Succeed! project will be a day of training for the reading specialist and classroom teachers on
the features and use of the Kurzweil 3000 software.
Kurzweil 3000 Assistive Reading Technology
Include information on any new assistive technology that you will be using, or attach a brochure from
the manufacturer to the Appendix section of proposal.
Kurzweil 3000 software, from Kurzweil Educational Systems, uses a multi-sensory approach to help
students with learning and reading difficulties. The Kurzweil 3000 was developed for people with
reading difficulties caused by learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD)
and other language based difficulties. The Kurzweil 3000 is research-based assistive reading software
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Sample Grant Proposal