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Sample Grant Proposal
Price Quantity Total
Kurzweil Scan/Read Lab Pack
(Color) 5-Pack
$7,095 1 (5-pack) $7,095
Software Maintenance
Agreement (SMA)
$709 1 (5-pack) $709
Epson 300 Scanner $300 5 $1,500
Dell PC with Monitor $1200 5 $6,000
Training $1200 1 Day $1,200
$16,504 Total
*Note: Sample pricing is provided for demonstration purposes only. Please obtain current pricing
from Kurzweil Educational Systems or your local representative.
Provide information on the metrics that will be used to determine the effectiveness of the project or
Standardized reading tests will be conducted at the start of the Read to Succeed! program and again at
the end of the school year to determine increases in reading speed and comprehension. Additionally,
those students with ADD will be tested to determine increased reading attention rates.
Staff and Organizational Information
Include the staff qualifications, certifications, and skills. Describe the organization and include
information indicating the organization’s capacity to implement and sustain the program.
Jennifer Hazelton, Special Education Coordinator, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education
from Lesley College. Jennifer Hazelton has extensive experience working with students with severe
reading difficulties and was responsible for implementing the successful pilot test program in 2001.
She is proficient with learning technology, including computer hardware and software.
Sue Amberson, Speech and Language Pathologist, holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of
Vermont and a Master’s degree from Boston University. Sue Amberson is working with the students
with severe learning disabilities and will be responsible for coordinating participation with classroom
Joan Freeman, Principal, holds a Master’s degree in Education from Colby College. Joan Freeman is
providing support for this program and has taken responsibility for parental and community
Include relevant items in the Appendix including letters of support, research support, organizational
collateral, proof of non-profit tax status, annual reports, and manufacturer’s brochure.
Letter of Support
Assistive Reading Software Efficacy Study
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