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Sample Grant Proposal
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Sample Letter Format Grant Proposal for Foundations
The letter format has traditionally been used for proposals to seek funds from private foundation
sources. Before sending a letter format proposal to a foundation, you should call or send them a letter
of inquiry to make sure that they fund the type of grant you are requesting, and to check on any
specific requirements they may have. Remember to attach supplemental materials such as brochures,
efficacy studies, annual reports, tax certificates, or letters of support to your proposal.
Orchard Middle School
387 Pine Hill Road
Orchard, VT 02331
October 6, 2002
ABC Foundation
13 Hill Street
Boston, MA 02116
The Orchard Middle School in Orchard, Vermont is seeking a grant to provide help at risk students
improve their reading skills. These at risk students are currently reading at two or more grade levels
behind their peers. The objective of the Read to Succeed! program is to help at risk students improve
their reading speed, comprehension, and reading attention span to the point where they are reading at
grade level. Funding in the amount of $16,504 is requested to implement this program and for the
purchase assistive reading software and hardware for the school’s resource room.
Orchard Middle School has 276 students. Of those 276 students, 59 have been determined to be at
risk in their reading skills for a variety of reasons including learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and
attention deficit disorder (ADD), or other economic and language based difficulties. Additionally,
Orchard Middle School is eligible for Title 1 funds and if these students are not given an opportunity
to improve their reading skills, they are at greater risk of falling further behind their classroom
making truancy and dropping out of school more likely.
The Read to Succeed! project will provide students with access to five computers equipped with
scanners and assistive reading software. Students will be able to see their text books and classroom
materials on-screen with words and text highlighted, as it is read to them in a human-like voice.
Included in the Read to Succeed! project will be a day of training for the Special Education Specialist
and the classroom teachers on the features and use of Kurzweil 3000 software.
The goal of the Read to Succeed! project is to enable students with learning and reading disabilities to
improve their reading skills to the point where they can succeed in school and develop the reading
skills that will prepare them for high school and post secondary education.
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