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Sample High School President Speech
Sample High School President Speech
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for considering me to be your next class
Since freshman year, I have been a passionate advocate for our student body. When a food
poisoning epidemic broke out on campus, I crafted the petition to demand better service from
our food providers and better oversight from school administrators. It was unacceptable for the
health of our peers to be compromised by consuming the food in our own cafeteria. Many of you
agreed with me, and the petition got the support of 85% of our student body.
Since then, the administration has been more proactive about monitoring health and safety
regulations in the cafeteria. As a result of my urging, the administration has also began
publishing the ingredients and nutrition facts of all food items offered in the cafeteria so that
students can make healthier, more informed choices about what they eat.
The following year, I was elected as Sophomore Class Representative to the student council.
One hallmark achievement of mine was increasing accountability for student council
expenditures. You can now find the student council budget on its website, as well as a monthly
update of actual transactions made. This accountability initiative allowed us to reduce prom
ticket prices by $20 for each student. Once we realized that we had funds left over from
previous allocations, we redirected the money to prom to make the important event more
affordable for every student.
If elected, I will continue to fight for justice, transparency, and equality for our student body. I will
create a channel of student representation on our city’s School Board, which supervises our
school’s administration but does not offer an opportunity for student voices to be heard. I will
reform the course registration system so that selections can be made electronically, increasing
efficiency and minimizing frustrating errors. I will continue the fight for healthier, more nutritious
school lunch offerings in our cafeteria, partnering with local farmers to provide fresh produce for
salads and snacks.
My record exemplifies passionate, self-driven advocacy on behalf of all of us. I care about your
interests and your voice. I care about making sure campus opportunities are as equally
distributed as possible for each and every one of you. Come share your ideas, and I will make
them happen.
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Sample High School President Speech