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Sample High School Treasurer Speech
Students of Hawkwood Academy,
Thank you for considering me as your next student body treasurer. I am grateful for your
nomination and am looking forward to the possibility of serving you. I'd like to tell you a little bit
about my track record and the other offices I've held, as well as a little bit about my plans for the
future of Hawkwood Academy.
As your freshman representative to the student government, I lobbied for a freshman forum that
would allow those of us who were new to high school to voice our concerns and opinions about
important matters facing the student body. With my leadership, this forum was established. As a
result, freshmen had a stronger voice in the decisions made by the student government. We
saw such changes as the addition of an after-school study hall just for freshmen, as well as a
freshman mixer and freshman website. I'm happy to see that these changes have remained in
force in subsequent years.
While serving as president of the junior class, I worked closely with the senior members of the
student government to implement changes to the junior/senior prom. By carefully reviewing our
prom committee budget and making some smart decisions, we were able to reduce the cost of
prom tickets by a third, without sacrificing any quality. We did this by eliminating unnecessary
spending and adding additional fundraisers. It was during this process that I realized that there
may be other areas that could also use some careful oversight and scrutiny.
If elected student body treasurer, I will continue in this spirit and address some of the specific
areas that many of you told me you'd like to see improve. For starters, I will work to bring about
improvements to the student parking lot. If the broken patches of the lot were repaired and the
lines repainted, we could create an additional 25 parking spots, which would help to eliminate
the problem of limited parking. We could fund this project by selling assigned parking spots, with
priority given to upperclassmen. Another project of mine would be to open a snack bar in the
gym that would sell refreshments each day during morning break. With the profits from this
venture, we could add tables and chairs to the break area and eliminate the need for us to sit on
the bleachers.
If history is any indication, I have proven my ability to achieve results and not just make empty
promises. If you place your confidence in me and elect me as your next student body treasurer,
I assure you that your concerns will become my concerns. I look forward to working together to
make Hawkwood Academy a better place for all of us.
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Sample High School Treasurer Speech