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Sample Interview Questionnaire Guide
Sample Interview Questionnaire Guide
When developing interview questions, consider three rules of thumb: ask only for
information that will serve as a basis for the hiring decision, know how the information
will be used to make the decision, and do not ask for information that will not or should
not be used to make hiring decisions.
Develop questions based on each major task and responsibility in the position description
and on knowledge, skills, and abilities required by the position. Include problem-solving
questions that allow the applicant to think creatively. Also include questions that elicit
more than a “yes” or “no” response.
The following Interview Questionnaire Guide has been developed to provide hiring
supervisors a resource from which to select questions that will help identify the candidate
who will be most successful in a position.
Because research has shown that past behavior is predictive of future behavior, the
questions are behavioral based. They will prevent a supervisor from missing important
information, overlooking job motivation and organizational fit, and asking illegal, non-
job-related questions. The same set of questions should be used to interview all
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Sample Interview Questionnaire Guide