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Sample Interview Questionnaire Guide
The following questions are designed to confirm the information on the candidate’s
resume. Verify the address and phone numbers with information provided by Human
Resource Services. If there are changes, advise the candidate to update his or her resume
in Human Resource Services, Freehafer Hall, with the correct information.
Educational Background
1. What is the highest level of education you have received
2. List all degrees you have earned. Give the name of the institution from which each
degree was earned and the field of study of each degree.
3. List any other education or training relevant to the (position title) position.
Employment Background
1. Who is your present or most recent employer
2. What are/were your major responsibilities at (present/most recent job)
3. Discuss/determine skills and level of expertise related to (position title). (Insert
specific questions).
4. Which skills have you acquired in your present or previous positions that make you
competitive for this position
5. What do/did you like best about that position What do/did you like least
6. Which accomplishments in your present position are you proud of and why
7. Why are you planning to/did you leave that position
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Sample Interview Questionnaire Guide