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Sample Interview Questionnaire Guide
Following is a list of sample questions designed to gather information about an
individual’s ability to identify tasks that need to be done without specifically being told to
do them.
1. Have you found any ways to make your job easier or more rewarding
2. What do you do differently from other people in the same position
3. Have you ever recognized a problem before your boss or others in the organization
How did you handle it
4. What do you do in your job that is not covered in your job description
5. We’ve all had occasions when we were working on something that just “slipped
through the cracks.” Can you give me some examples of when this happened to you
Cause Result
6. In your past experience, have you noticed any process or task that was being done
unsafely (incorrectly) How did you discover it or come to notice it
7. Are you doing a good job How do you know
8. Give me some examples of doing more than required in your job
9. Can you think of some projects or ideas (not necessarily your own) that were carried
out successfully primarily because of your efforts
10. What new ideas or suggestions have you come up with at work
11. This job requires much time working alone. Tell me about a job or project where you
worked unsupervised and were given only general guidelines for job/project
12. Have you found any ways to make other employees’ jobs easier or more rewarding
13. What career accomplishments are you most proud of
14. What did you do to change the aspects of your job that you dislike
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Sample Interview Questionnaire Guide